Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my friend is in the hospital

UPDATE: she's out of the hospital. :)

my friend, who has a serious medical condition, is in I.C.U. she is in a tremendous amount of pain. I have been told she is crying and screaming it is so bad. i've never, ever seen her act this way. normally, she grits her teeth and bears it... and I have seen her after major operations.

last I heard, she was not responding to the medication they (finally) gave her. I hope that has changed by now. she may have taken a while to respond to the medicine just because she had been gritting her teeth and trying to bear it for so long.

please pray (or send good thoughts, think of her, whatever you feel comfortable doing) to get better soon. I didn't ask permission to post this, so I am being vague on purpose... but, she really needs some extra people pulling for her right now.

I pray that a good doctor will see what is wrong and help her. I pray that they give her the proper medicine so she can be comfortable and start to heal. I pray when I go to visit she is home and feeling good. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support. She's out, but still not quite well. I think they let her go too early.

shampoo said...

I was kind of worried about that... :(

I hope she'll be o.k. a turkey will perk her up. :)