Wednesday, December 23, 2009

oh well, of course news

first, the dvd rental boxes are busily pulling brittany murphy's movie posters that show her "dead" in a bathtub. but, it will take at least ten days (why?), so everyone will get to look.

despite reports that brittany "collapsed in the shower" that is not what her husband says happened. her mother found her in the bathroom unconscious. so her husband placed her in the shower and ran water on her in an attempt to revive her.

she was just laying on the floor when they found her. running water on her caused her to throw up everything she'd eaten, so it's a good guess that nausea may be what prompted her to go into the bathroom.

according to reports, brittany last ate the night before. for the food to still be in her upper stomach... this means her body wasn't working properly the night before. it's sad this wasn't recognized.

of course, there is still the possibility that something outside of brittany's control happened to her. I hope not, but I can understand why people would say this.

one thing a lot of people have noticed is that finding pretty pictures of brittany is difficult. by "pretty" I mean a nice photo that is not from a movie and also isn't from a weirdly-themed photoshoot. so, a lot of people are using red carpet photos.

all of brittany's photoshoots seem to be very screwed up... there is the eyes wide shut one, the one in the leather mask, the one where she has a whisk in her pocket (seriously), and lots where we see her panties even though she looks like she's unhappy to be showing them. it's sad... she was so pretty... there should be hundreds of wonderful pictures of her.

in any case, brittany's funeral will be christmas eve. the hollywood haunted tour van has already been spotted driving past her house (by tmz).

meanwhile, britney spears will continue to be controlled by her father. she's been ordered to pay him and a whole gang of lawyers a lot of money. I thought britney's spending habits were part of why she had to have someone riding herd on her?

so, I suppose we have at least another year before we see the pink wig. brit brit is probably counting the days...

some people are shocked that frances cobain may have been exposed to some form of domestic violence. this is partly due to the custody arrangements, but there's also a restraining order... still, all you really have to know is this involves courtney love.

that nutcase from westboro baptist church has embarrassed christians by declaring that god "hates" lady gaga. he (the preacher) calls her "a prancing hussy."

now, how would he know what god thinks? and why would god "hate" lady gaga? that's silly.

but "prancing hussy" is probably accurate enough. and it's a bit catchy. song idea, lady gaga?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Most photo shoots these days are creepy and fucked up, I've noticed. Except for Playboy. That is a sad statement, but it's true.

As for God... God hates no one. However, God does have serious problems with people who invoke his name in vain (as in 'vanity', like saying, "God hates Lady Gaga") and with people who invoke his name to pass judgement on others (read the book of Job if you don't believe me).

shampoo said...

someone was saying this man's "church" is basically just his family. a good thing because we certainly don't need any more nonsense like this. he issued a whole press release about the whoredom of lady gaga and so on... he said she has "a whore's forehead". her forehead looks normal to me?

also, if he's looking to cost her fans, he's doing it wrong. lots of people have jumped to her defense... but the pres release was really mean.

and, like you said, god doesn't hate her. also, that's not our business. anyone who has something bad to say should be able to just say it without pretending to speak for god.

Joe said...
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Joe said...
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