Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday driving

like everyone else in america, i have somewhere to drive this christmas (granted, some people don't have to go very far). although my reason is a bit different.

i went to the doctor out of town (i went to a specialist) and now i have to get back to where i was.... in order to be in our house without daddy and go to deal with my siblings. i'm not looking forward to this. right now, i am much cozier and my bunny is happily settled in... he's so happy! he has another bunny friend here. oh and the cuteness is almost more than can be born... those bunnies!

but, there will be hell to pay if i miss christmas and i am trying to gather my courage in between feeling dizzy and all that. it's probably just my asthma acting up or i may be getting mildly sick. since i just saw the doctor, i'm not concerned that i have anything terribly serious.

i have to drive through three cities... but it's the smallest one of the bunch that is the greatest pain in the butt. it's got the crappiest roads ever. it's like they paved the interstate back in 1975 and decided that was good enough for the next 50 years or so. every time i drive through there it screws up my car.. i think their crapola interstate may have been why i had a blowout (as in my tire ripped apart) last time. so, i'm dreading that.

every time i mention what a pain it is, people tell me of bigger cities they've driven in.. it's like i drive in two much bigger cities in my drive, but both are easier to get through (once you kind of learn their way of doing things) because they have better roads. and it seems they're set up to handle the traffic better. unfortunately, there is no way to skip this city, so i'll just have to suck it up and drive through. i know their surface streets aren't that much better. it's weird. but it's like two different states are playing chicken with it to see if they can wait each other out into paying for some updating of the road.

at any rate, i have to drive it and soon. so, pray for me. :)


shampoo said...

I did it! :)

the bunny and I are safely home. :)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I'm glad you too made it okay and in such great time as well.

shampoo said...

yes, thank god! this was a pretty easy drive both ways.

Joe said...
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