Monday, December 14, 2009

skanks and non-skanks! :)

today has been a day of the word "skank" being thrown around a lot on my tv and on the internets.

first, I was hideously disappointed to find that the tabloid at the checkout has lied (shocking, I know)! they tantalized me with the hope casey "skanky" anthony had changed her plea to guilty in exchange for her life. as far as I can tell, she hasn't done that.

granted, everyone has been chattering about that golfing skank tiger woods today. they can scarcely speak of anything else.

elin didn't wear her wedding ring today ya'll. er... duh. I don't know (or care) if she'll leave or stay. but when your male slut husband acquires a harem; you're allowed to leave the ring at home if you want.
heck, maybe she sold that bad boy (the ring, not the ho). then, if he wants her back... he's got to get her a new one.

I am so tired of everyone trying to "understand" tiger's behavior. well, how about he's a pro athlete and is livin' the life and would've kept doing it if he hadn't gotten caught.

although, I did find a site that says he's gay. there are some elements of the gay lifestyle that are a mystery me, but i'm pretty sure he's doing it wrong.

speaking of male skanks, the skank chris brown twittered a lamentation against walmart. they do not sell his latest crappy ass cd. no one cares, chris.

then there are the 13 mistresses. a lot of people are calling them "skanks" and saying they don't have jobs! yes, they do have jobs. "porn star" is a job. "hostess" is a job. "reality show ho" is a job. plus, there are some waitresses and everyone in hollywood should know THAT'S a job.
i'm not as offended by the girls as some people. some people wonder why they're all "the same type of girl".

well, speaking for the non-skank population I will say that we try to avoid men who are married with children. hello? that's a big deal.

also, I fail to see the amazing good looks tiger woods allegedly has (maybe he looks totally different in person). his sport is waiting at the dmv boring.

the only thing he really has going for him is $$$. but the people who'd have sex with someone for money are, by definition, whores (no offense, ladies, i'm not the one criticizing you) so this is going to lead around to a certain type...
plus, tiger is a total skank himself. these girls are all practically virgins compared to him, i'm sure.

the blogoverse is mystified why frances cobain's custody has been switched to her paternal grandmother and aunt. well, not why (exhibit a: the skank cl and nearly everything she's ever done), but why she didn't just go for emancipation as she's 17.

do you think courtney wants to lose her meal ticket? frances needs to be able to tell her that the court is forcing them not to live together. it will just make things easier (as in safer). courtney is a dangerous nutbar and frances needs every possible excuse to STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER.

you may have noticed I didn't call frances by her full name. why do people do that? does she go by the whole thing? or are there just a shitload of chicks named "frances cobain" (even though neither name is all that common)? do we have to put the "bean" in there to let everyone know which one? does courtney have like 20 daughters with the same name? seriously?

anyway, good luck to frances (bean). :)


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