Tuesday, December 29, 2009

charlie sheen: it's complicated

well, I only saw a few minutes of "issues with jane velez-mitchell" and jane wasn't even there, but they spent the whole time I watched on brooke mueller's 911 call.

brooke says her husband menanced her with a knife and she needs to file a report. when they ask his name there's a long pause then she says "it's charlie sheen."

now, brooke had enjoyed some early a.m. drinkie-poos so i'll let go on by the fact she could have just tried saying "charlie." maybe with the drinking and the fighting she wasn't thinking straight.

I don't know what happened between brooke and charlie. even he admits to slapping her arm and breaking her eyeglasses (not while they were on her face). brooke recanted later as everyone knows, but the case is still going forward.

basically, what I am wondering about is how can brooke have married charlie without looking into his situation with denise at least a little? I get that she's going to think, "well, that's her".

but one thing is consistent between these two cases... charlie got very angry when the wife said she was getting a divorce AND taking the children. I really can't blame him for becoming upset about this.

i'm not saying he handled things properly. and I realize there might be good reasons to separate him from his children.

however, next woman to marry charlie sheen and have a couple of his kids... do not announce your plan to take the kids away as your trump card during an argument. it makes him really angry.

most people want to see their own children. why would charlie be different? plus, doing it this way may look to him like you're only doing this due to the current argument.

if there is a very good reason to separate charlie from the children, then handle things carefully. for the children's sake.

and, heck, what about supervised visitation? surely that would be safe enough. but that would be if there's an actual good reason.

waking up one day and realizing your dumbass married charlie fucking sheen is not a good reason. it's not as though everyone doesn't know he's... well, charlie sheen.

back in the day he regularly begged jenna jameson (yes, porn jenna) for a date and she always turned him down.

she said he only wanted to go out with her because she was a porn star. in other words, he wanted to add her to his collection and she thought more of herself than that. listen to jenna. she knows.


A.Jaye said...

Domestic abuse can be rapidly cut down if you live alone (Leaping Lenny Poffo).

Miss me?

shampoo said...

ajaye! where on earth have you been?

yeah, domestic violence is not something I worry about very often. haha
but then again, my family are some high strung people and we don't physically attack one another. so, there's something else going on with people who do besides just getting mad.

however, I don't know anything particular about charlie sheen except he's a total man ho. he'll be chasing his nurses in his wheelchair when he's 100. still, if jenna jameson felt going out with him wasn't a good idea... and this was at the height of his career when she wasn't well known.

Joe said...
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Joe said...
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