Wednesday, August 25, 2010

maybe she's sailor earth? (now with salt)

only two more days of the comedy that is degrassi and i think the big finale will have to do with adam. oh who is adam? p.s. i've added to the end of the post, original theme restored!

oh, btw, this is jordan todosey. an actress.

well, let's see if we can pick adam out of this photo:
yes, he's the girl with short hair... oh wait, the girl with short hair who is also wearing a cap
o.k., i'll help you: adam, bianca, eli, and in front that's drew adam's brother
disbelief suspended?

thank god he goes to school in canada, eh?

you know, this reminds me of another foreign tv show! sailor moon!

sailor venus is my favorite!

but, this show doesn't really remind me of minako-sama. no one even has a cat, much less TWO cats in a basket. it does remind me of another couple of senshi:

sailor uranus and sailor neptune.

haruka (aka sailor uranus) also employed layering to cleverly disguise herself as a boy

more suspension of disbelief, these two have a "forbidden romance". HOW can anyone care? LOOK AT THEM! are these the two most boring characters in the history of tv? holly j (oh, she's on the left) and sav (the other one). i am SICK of "FORBIDDEN ROMANCES" with sav! this is TWO for him! he sucks.

anyway, here's a quick update of this weirdass season..

adam thinks she is a boy. "between the ears, i'm just like other guys" now, how the fuck would she know that? but, anyway, she's the world's girliest female to male transgender and doesn't even look that boyish compared to her girly ass bff eli. her character's real name is gracie and she randomly went to school for a day as gracie and started burning herself with a hair barette. no, the idea of a happy medium doesn't exist it's either dresses or "i'm a boy" there is no in between. yes, the school goes along with this fuckery.

eli, emo dramaqueen, dramatically tells claire (who he likes, eh, it's ridiculous) he KILLED his girlfriend. good thing he didn't tell someone like shampoo that or he'd be dead. but, claire just gapes at him and he explains that he'd argued with his girlfriend and she rode off on her bike crying and was later hit by a car and killed. hell, maybe that is his fault. he drives a hearse and wears rings. oooh.

claire is going to go out with the enemy of her friends probably being tired of dating other girls when she's not even a lesbian.

they've been working on something with bianca and adam all season so i guess they'll make out and that will explain why she's so desperate to hook up with drew. who knows. they only have her around when they need someone really bitchy. and tough. cuz she's a dancer! i'm not kidding.

fiona has taken to going to degrassi and pursuing a lawsuit against her first real boyfriend (who isn't related to her). holly j is her best friend because holly j is declan's girlfriend. only holly j decided she needed a break and took that break with sav. declan will never find out will he (please let him)? he's only her best friend's brother who is rich and regularly flies places to surprise people. declan and fiona are actually americans (ah ha!), so he probably is one of the few preppies who also carries an uzi (please). basically, SAV MUST DIE. or adam must turn out to be sailor earth. whichever. or both.

tonight and tomorrow and then we'll see who gets shot or stabbed or what have you this season! (yes, that is how they like to end their seasons, they are not right in the head.)

i know i departed from my previous theme, but... oh, wait a minute, fun times.. here we go, here's...
angie jo is a man, baby! (she's dressed as some sort of "naval officer", thank god it's not our navy)

what's she thinking about?

this? (scary)

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