Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hell girl, it's time for revenge!

i saw part of this strange anime on ifc. it's a series called "hell girl" and, from what i can get out it it, somehow you summon up this schoolgirl with red eyes when you have a real gripe against someone. so, she presents you with a crude black doll that has a red string around its neck. if you remove the string, she will go to the person and escort their soul to HELL. however, the price of this rather awesome revenge is you will be joining them in the misery of hell when YOU die.

in this particular episode, one girl has bitchily stolen a photo from another girl and spread it around thus getting the girl in the photo into a lot of trouble. p.s., they are in middle school. the girl with the photo wasn't even sure who had stolen the photo (i got the idea she suspected one person, but it turned out to be someone different).

anyway, the picture stealer arrives at school at night to meet the girl in the photo (no idea why) and encounters a lot of very freaky things. finally, she meets the now kimono-clad hell girl. they tell the photo stealer that she's a terrible person who goes around making other people's lives miserable. she hotly denies everything. but, no matter, the room itself was witness to her misdeeds and hell girl can talk to rooms and suchlike.

long story short, hell girl is paddling across a river with the photo thief staring up at her. and, they're on their way to hell itself. at which point i took a short nap and woke up for the credits. from them, i discerned that the premise of the show was aggrieved party contacts hell girl and she rolls up and takes someone to hell in the promise of getting another soul later. (in other words, pretty much what happened above.)

so, i wonder.. what if the accuser is the bad person and the accused is innocent? what if neither one are really bad people? how many people are going to be taken to hell by hell girl if it's this easy? i mean, teenagers alone would send practically everyone they knew to hell! all right, i'm taking this too seriously. but, it seemed awesome until i started wondering how many days of this it would take before EVERYONE was in hell.

i don't know that hell in japanese lore is exactly what i think of as hell, but from hell girl's description... it's not the greatest place. you are miserable and lonely and stuff pretty well sucks. which sounds pretty well like the way you felt when you possibly summoned hell girl. so, let's see, you're trading some years of misery for ETERNITY of misery? is there a lesser option? because, for most things, that sounds a little bit like a bad deal to me.

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