Sunday, August 8, 2010

guess who's back and now with clothes for sale!

as if the internets were awaiting her return with trepidation, jessi slaughter (that's her "scene" last name) is back online. she went on someone else's account, called everyone "bitches" and announced she had a clothing line coming soon.

the same people who took exception to her previous video efforts have already noticed. youtube noticed as well and pulled the video (it's been reposted by others). jessica's parents are, i suppose, in a stupor somewhere still believing (as her mother told an interviewer) that jessi hasn't made any videos.

i did try to find out what the clothes looked like, but all i could find were t-shirts made by her detractors bearing such sentiments as "you dun goofed" which is a quote from her father. they also seem fond of the "cyberpolice" and i suppose that will live on after this meme dies.

i saw a video by a mother who said she was speaking directly to jessica and pleaded with her to get off the internet and stay off until she was 18 if that's how long it took for her to realize what she was doing was wrong. she said this very nicely, but i'm sure jessica won't listen to her. she'll probably file that under "haterz" even though there was nothing at all hateful about it. one thing i thought was interesting was she explained, "i know you think you're famous, but you're not. you're infamous." unfortunately, when i watched this i had no idea that it would stick in my mind the way it did, so i don't even recall who posted it. :(

then on the other hand, people have told jessica this in every possible way it can be told... some nicely, some rudely and it hasn't sunk in at all. i know she's 11, but i don't remember being QUITE that thick headed when i was 11. i mean the entire fucking internet is telling this girl GET OFF THE INTERNET and she's back in two weeks calling everyone "bitches" or rather "BITCHES!!!!!"

what about the parents? there are probably more videos aimed at them than at jessie. no one is saying, wow you are doing a fabulous job as a parent. no, everyone (even young teens) are asking them WTF are you thinking?! why aren't you paying attention to your daughter? can't you see what she's getting into? don't you realize your horrendous lack of parenting is affecting her badly? why does she have a webcam in her bedroom? are you nuts? why is she hanging out with a myspace band? shouldn't she be at home playing barbies? haven't you seen the photos she's posted?

i have seen a 16 year old honestly tell them to please read a parenting book because they are doing it wrong. and he was being 100% sincere. that would motivate me a little bit, but if it didn't ... good grief, the police, the psychologist, CPS, and GMA would motivate me.

so, once again... the internet steps in to try to parent a kid and there is no telling what will happen now. because quite honestly, the internet is not the softest of nests. it was never meant to be a babysitter.


Ricky Sprague said...

It's like that line from "Three Amigos": "INfamous is when you're MORE than famous."

shampoo said...

haha, i love that movie. i am sure that's probably what jessi thinks (without irony).

i did hear a chat where her father comes in and yells for her to get offline. he thinks it's some of her friends doing all of these things. she outright lied to him while he's screaming, "hasn't the internet gotten us into enough trouble?" idk what is going on in that house.

i DO know how to get her off the internet: quit paying the bill.