Thursday, September 23, 2010

yet more reasons not to see "i'm still here"

me, too.
Project Child Murdering Robot: Joaquin Phoenix

i have actually read a lot on this subject, but the above link is the best analysis i've found.

if you want something involving vast conspiracies and mind control, i can hook you up.

happy birthday to the boss

brace yourselves... brittany jones is a "party girl" (like the U2 song, i gather)

i know you are thinking "who the fuck is brittany jones?" well, she recently ran her ho game on ashton krutcher and then ran to the tabloids (wait, the "ho game" part really goes with the tabs for her, i guess it was HIS "ho game" gave her something to talk about). anyway, she dropped by while demi was out and they hooked up and, like a moron not learning from tiger woods (hello?), he sent her some text messages. anyway, not a classy situation is what i'm getting at.

i was just on wesmirch and found a story i didn't bother to read about brittany's party girl ways. she picked up (or was picked up by) a dude in a BOWLING ALLEY while he was there with his WIFE. how could she not be a party girl if she was down with that? what he totally charmed her and she forgot herself as they waited at the snack bar for him to buy whatever it is demi gets when she goes to a bowling alley? well, maybe.

anyway, no news here. we figured it out from reading the cover of the tabloids while we were waiting for the person in front of us to decide how to pay.

In case we forgot he was into that kabbalh crap, here's the fan of texting himself

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spring 2011 will bring new release from rem!

Nothing to say except, "yay!"

behold! ring of mysteries! (edited: solved?)

all right, put on your glasses. some people are saying this is brad's "bloodline" ring (hm) and that it proves he is a "black magician". i have laughed about that for.. really a very long time, but what do you think? some people say that the ring is the original fleur de lis. others, me, wonder if it's a sigma chi fraternity ring (i'm probably wrong). whatever it is, i have seen it before and i normally do not hang out with a shitton of "black magicians" (or brad pitt).
sigma chi (and yes, i see everything on this stuff and i know you do, too, so i'm sparing the analysis)

"hi! everyone! i have powers! you are pwnd!" (wait a sec, check out dude in the red and yellow coat, i think i may have a photo of him later...)

for comparison sake, here are some pictures of "black magicans"... well, they're white guys. but, you know.

aleister crowley (i tried to pick a normal, non-terrifying photo)

"yes, i AM looking at you"

  let's try someone else... this guy is pretty famous..

adolph hitler, in his world war i uniform a.k.a. the most normal photo i could find where he is also an adult

by the way, while looking at old photos i found a photo of grandpa brad at a fraternity meeting!

he's in there somewhere, i'm sure of it!

allen the duck guy sent me this variation on the masonic symbol (i think it's master mason or such and such degree, idk). it's not an exact match, but this could be it:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shampoo is phone blogging on her new phone

i am having some trouble with it. it is complicated. they offer a  class. im not kidding. it is a droid 2. moto...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

time travel has been invented!

wasn't this person on a sitcom in the 70s? maybe not.

wtf? wtf? wtf?

today is september 11, 2010

remember 9/11/2001. always.

cat people (1982) are you kidding me?

this is going to be nothing but spoilers because i do not even have the patience for this. so, if you don't want to know EVERYTHING about what happens at the end... don't say i didn't warn you.

i was going to do this right with cast, etc. but, i do not even care. if imbd cannot get the freaking story right, no one cares. imbd says people sacrificed their women to the leopards. NO, they sacrificed their CHILDREN. i just saw the fking movie and you wait a damned long time to find that out. so, i was paying close attention to the explanation for the fuckery on the screen.

also, the cat people are incestuous. only, one brother and sister get separated by circumstances and, they basically stay separated. there's also a character named "female" i shit you not. she's not a cat person though. their names are irena and paul. but, the screenwriter couldn't figure out what to do with irena, so why should female get a regular name? fuck her. she's just randomly left in prison anyway.

so our catperson female irena does not want to accept her heritage of brother fucking and shape shifting and eating the occasional person. she resists until she's left without much choice in the matter because (oops!) no more brother.

so, she goes to this dude who is all in love with her after a week of her acting mostly weird (he doesn't get out much). and after he finds out without a doubt she's, in fact, a cat person... he decides to CAPTURE her. she's in human form at the time he ties her up, so that makes it somewhat easier. how he gets her from his bedroom on the bayou to the zoo, i have no clue. but, gets her there he does because that's where she is when we last see her! in a cage at the zoo. lovely.

all right.. letting that go on by... new orleans takes pretty calmly the fact they're suddenly overrun with leopards. first one turns up in a whore house (hey, cats have needs). he maxes and relaxes in the zoo until he kills a dude thus allowing him to open the fucking cage his own damn self and go home. oh, everyone looks around a lot, but since he lives in a house like most people... well.. it takes a while. but, they are able to put together sort of an explanation for that... which, i guess is why female is in jail.

then, barely has everyone gotten over that weirdness, then zookeeper boy shows up with another one! and it cannot be the first one found again because it's not the same gender animal. w.t.f. i guess when you run an old ass zoo and someone "finds" a major exhibit animal, you just go with it?

this is supposed to be a sexay movie. well, there's a goodly amount of nudity... and some sex scenes (some of which do not end well, to put it mildly). but, it seemed more creepy than anything else to me. given it's a HORROR movie, well duh. shampoo knows little of what people consider sexy, but the thought of being tied up by some dude to live out my natural life in a cage on exhibit in the zoo does not get it for me. i do think this may have been the first tied up girl sex scenes, but i got distracted by her feet. i swear, look at them. some people should wear shoes. maybe if you identify with the guy? he sort of gets two girls, after all. and he fixes the problem with sex... kinda. well, for him. i guess if you asked irena she might say something different, if she could talk that is.

i listed the cast i can remember. sorry for any mistakes.

Friday, September 3, 2010

GWTW actress cammie king conlon, R.I.P.

everyone knows the story where cammie king conlon jokes that her career peaked at age five when she played bonnie "blue" butler, pampered daughter of rhett and scarlett (especially rhett, meaning most of her scenes with just with clark gable, that's all). hollywood has never been very nice to children, so it was probably just as well she was satisfied with her role in one of the biggest movies of all time.

after the horrors of war, the flight from atlanta, the privations on the plundered plantation tara, and the grueling days of reconstruction it's a relief in both the book and the movie when cute and playful bonnie comes along charming everyone who meets her. she causes her father to turn over a new leaf and endeavor to become a respectable citizen for the first time in 30 years. (sigh)

despite its early production date, GWTW makes interesting use of color and bonnie's scenes are no exception. she's given her nickname because of her eyes are "as blue and the bonnie blue flag" and often is dressed in blue because of this (to her delight). they even use dress material intended for a new ballgown for scarlett to make a riding habit for bonnie after her doting father buys her a pony.

i haven't seen GWTW in years, but i remember the scenes between cammie and clark gable were very touching. also, she was very cute!
cammie king conlon as bonnie butler

who's this blonde?

she knows you don't recognize her, that's why she's holding up her arm

Thursday, September 2, 2010

morrigan the raven, celtic goddess

morrigan the great, queen of phantoms and the dead, queen of the demons rules battle and strife. over the battle she flew as a carrion crow. sometimes she showed herself as a lean and nimble hag, leaping unharmed over spears and shield. as the washer at the ford, she washed the clothes of the men who would fall that day in battle, thereby chosing who would live and who would die. she could also become a raven. she was worshipped by warriors and appeared to heroes, sometimes trying to convince them to marry her for she could appear as a beautiful woman.

she is a triple goddess, each aspect having her own name. she was very powerful and not necessarily considered bad despite the darkness with which her realm links her. however, i don't know that makes her necessarily good. then again, battle itself is not good. one aspect of morrigan has to do with birth and she is a goddess of fertility. she symbolizes both life and death.

modern pagans (of which i know little) sometimes worship morrigan. she is considered a strong goddess and favored by those who consider themselves on a warrior path whether it is literal or metaphorical. they sometimes will have a shrine to her with black feathers or red cloth (washer at the ford). they may also offer her bowls of blood or brine. sometimes, as befitting morrigan's mother aspect, the blood used may be menstrual blood. o.k., they SAY they do this... i really don't know if anyone has. i don't know any worshippers of morrigan IRL.

my instinct about morrigan is she is perhaps not a goddess to mess around with.. she is probably best left to history. i'm not saying there really is a morrigan. i'm just saying i wouldn't want to be leaving weird offerings like that around my house because i'm not sure what sort of thing that would attract (bugs?). but, suffice to say, she was important to the celts and her legend has not died. some people, hilariously, consider her a sort of "girl power" goddess. boy, those people don't want to meet her in a dark alley! i don't know that she would be amused. and, given what the celts had to say, she enjoyed conflict. true, she tended to hang around heroes and not deluded people picking up slogans from the spice girls, but i digress...

why am i talking about morrigan all of a sudden? well, because i recently saw a very interesting photo that ran in parade magazine. i don't actually read parade, but i used to.. and it's a pretty boring publication. i wouldn't expect anything too odd there.

not from parade, but a nice drawing i found of morrigan in her "beautiful woman" guise. note her lovely black hair and the black feathers she wears.

this accompanied the "how i've changed" article, summer 2010. no this blog is not supposed to be about angelina jolie. but, wtf is this if not morrigan? which, btw, is yet another vampire reference for angelina. (there are recent fictional stories where morrigan is queen of the vampires). also, yet another death reference and yet another reference to blood. how is any of this a "change"? (off topic, i think this is one of the best photos i've seen of her. heavily photoshopped, but better than the parade cover. she looks really pretty. and she looks like she's having fun.)