Thursday, September 23, 2010

brace yourselves... brittany jones is a "party girl" (like the U2 song, i gather)

i know you are thinking "who the fuck is brittany jones?" well, she recently ran her ho game on ashton krutcher and then ran to the tabloids (wait, the "ho game" part really goes with the tabs for her, i guess it was HIS "ho game" gave her something to talk about). anyway, she dropped by while demi was out and they hooked up and, like a moron not learning from tiger woods (hello?), he sent her some text messages. anyway, not a classy situation is what i'm getting at.

i was just on wesmirch and found a story i didn't bother to read about brittany's party girl ways. she picked up (or was picked up by) a dude in a BOWLING ALLEY while he was there with his WIFE. how could she not be a party girl if she was down with that? what he totally charmed her and she forgot herself as they waited at the snack bar for him to buy whatever it is demi gets when she goes to a bowling alley? well, maybe.

anyway, no news here. we figured it out from reading the cover of the tabloids while we were waiting for the person in front of us to decide how to pay.

In case we forgot he was into that kabbalh crap, here's the fan of texting himself


Ricky Sprague said...

Men can't help it, and texting just makes it too easy. You can study the kabbalah all day long and still not be able to help it.

shampoo said...

Ricky Sprague, I just mentioned kabbalah because i didn't notice the "bracelet" until i went to post the photo. i didn't really think it'd make him faithful.