Wednesday, September 22, 2010

behold! ring of mysteries! (edited: solved?)

all right, put on your glasses. some people are saying this is brad's "bloodline" ring (hm) and that it proves he is a "black magician". i have laughed about that for.. really a very long time, but what do you think? some people say that the ring is the original fleur de lis. others, me, wonder if it's a sigma chi fraternity ring (i'm probably wrong). whatever it is, i have seen it before and i normally do not hang out with a shitton of "black magicians" (or brad pitt).
sigma chi (and yes, i see everything on this stuff and i know you do, too, so i'm sparing the analysis)

"hi! everyone! i have powers! you are pwnd!" (wait a sec, check out dude in the red and yellow coat, i think i may have a photo of him later...)

for comparison sake, here are some pictures of "black magicans"... well, they're white guys. but, you know.

aleister crowley (i tried to pick a normal, non-terrifying photo)

"yes, i AM looking at you"

  let's try someone else... this guy is pretty famous..

adolph hitler, in his world war i uniform a.k.a. the most normal photo i could find where he is also an adult

by the way, while looking at old photos i found a photo of grandpa brad at a fraternity meeting!

he's in there somewhere, i'm sure of it!

allen the duck guy sent me this variation on the masonic symbol (i think it's master mason or such and such degree, idk). it's not an exact match, but this could be it:


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Maybe its an Elder Sign. They're supposed to ward off Cthulhoid horrors, and he IS married to Angelina Jolie (aka, the Source of Uncleanliness...)

shampoo said...

i don't think they are married.. um, in the traditional sense. maybe i need to see what lovecraft says about these situations.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Okay, so maybe "Cursed to be wretched together for all eternity, mad, blind, and grasping" is a more apt description.