Saturday, October 24, 2009

current events

normally, I read a lot about what's going on in the world. or at least with trashy celebrities. I am just not into that just now. but are there already enough people opining on such things? maybe I should talk about something else?

hm, this really could have been in the previous post. sorry. haha

decisions, decisions...

it's time for a new phone. but what kind? I have a pda. or smartphone or whatever. it's pretty neat. but, it has been troublesome. so, I have to decide what to get and I have to get it with the money verizon allows because I don't have a lot of spare moola just now. of course, I paid extra for THIS one and it has been replaced twice. so there you go.

also... my father's car... my sisters and brother may let me give them $2000 and keep it and sell mine. mine's a 00 malibu ls (sport model), his is a 01 impala. his has been maintained better, but mine is cuter. his is worth more than $2000 btw. but it's also 1/4 mine already. the thing with cars when you slice them into four parts, they don't work so well.

well, i'm sick

here's the thing. I get sick a lot. yay, me. so I am sick now, but I have a zpack. hopefully, I will better soon. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been having headaches.

also, I tried to write a fascinating piece called "it hurts at night", but everything just locked up ("computer" wise). so I lost it.

also, not much has been happening. i've been reading my eclectic list of websites and trying to decide what to do about so many things.

halloween is coming up and we get a ton of trick of treaters. I don't want to participate. I am thinking of putting a black wreath on the door and turning off all the lights. but I fear someone would just think I was getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

my twin/not twin

for a while, some of my family members thought I was a schoolteacher. they thought that because they'd seen me on tv. this was odd since i'm not a schoolteacher and I haven't been on tv.

then, at a writers' meeting, we were going around the circle and I introduced myself. the man beside me said, "my wife's name is (my name), but this is not my wife." I didn't really talk to him because he was even more weirded out than I was, but she was the schoolteacher.

then a reporter called my house and left a message. she wanted the schoolteacher married to the writer. I got home after her deadline, but I called and let her know I was altogether the wrong person.

I never saw this lady, but by my family's reaction and her husband's reaction we looked alike. I don't know if the name was her real name (like me) or her name after marriage. so many people would say they'd seen me places I hadn't been or tell me they knew someone who looked just like me. after a while, I started to believe.

oddly, I never saw her (and I don't have "missing time" to account for another life, haha). this hasn't happened in a while... but, i'm sure it must happen to a lot of people. doesn't it?

animal prints

wtf is it with animal prints? I understand there are certain circumstances when such a thing might be fashionable or cute or sexy, but they're everywhere. I had a hard time finding appropriate funeralwear because 85 percent of everything else had leopard or snake or zebra all over it. at some point, this becomes un-cute, un-sexy, and surely at these levels of concentration cannot be fashionable.

I like fashion, but I may have to give up on vogue. not because of the aforementioned animal print. just bills and so on...

my sister changed my satellite package (she doesn't live here, long story). i'm on the "family package." people who know me are rolling their eyes or actually rolling on the floor. normally, I would be p.o.ed, but I am too sad to care too much. still, it's weird. that's all i'm saying.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bunnies are cute :)

what else can I say? I have two precious bunnies. a boy who's half- wild, half-tame. he's mostly black and has huge ears. then I have a precious little bunny girl. she's spotted and has at least one million whiskers, black ears, and a pink and white nose. pets are so great. bunnies make great housepets. they're quiet and very sweet. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

why my blog name and addy don't match

apparently some great lot of people already are using "cuts like glass." weird, I know. maybe they work with glass, who knows. I have no idea why picked that much less why I picked my addy. basically, I have two ways to do things... spontaneously or after such long deliberation that I never get around to it.

so now... I am trying to decide if I am sick or what. my father just died. I am sad. all I want to do is sleep.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


welcome to my blog. :) i've just barely started, but I assure you i'll have a few articles up soon. I hope you like them. :)

there are lots of great blogs that I enjoy reading and I plan to provide links to those.

like most bloggers, i'm just going to cover my own interests and I hope my writing is skillful enough to make that interesting! :)

I have just lost someone very close to me, so I apologize if I miss some major developments in current events. insofar as I know what's going on out in the world, I plan to write about things that are making news (whether they really should or not).

again, thanks for reading. :)