Sunday, August 31, 2014

If you can't beat them....

I have an idea... a fanfic challenge. give me your ridiculous pairings, and i will endeavor to fic them. i haven't seen/read everything so maybe put in more than one choice? i already have a request for Elsa (Frozen) and Minako (Sailor Moon). um. these won't be hentai. a restriction or two... no incest, no pedo weirdness. otherwise, any crazy combo will do. i read a lot and watch lotsof movies, so i might know your character.


Angry Rabbit said...

The shark from Jaws and the killer whale from Orca.

Angry Rabbit said...

Two more:
Hamburgler and Wendy
Edward Cullen and Loius de Pointe du Lac

shampoo said...

Shark and Orca are now making baby shorcas.

And Wendy just ran off with the Hamburgerlar.

As for Louis and Edward... I am working on it and have found a few hilarious photos of someone who, shockingly, seems to have married a vampire (or some sort of supernatural creature).